Chili Fine Cut Mild (CR18) 20K-30K HU - Red Pepper (Chili) Capsicum frutescens L.

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Origin Of Products: India
Flavor Profile: Spicy
Physical: Ground, Crushed (1/8, 3/16)
Chemical: Heat Unit 5K – 160K Scoville
Method of Treatment: ETO, Steam, Irradiation
Category: Spice (Capsicum)
Cuisine: Mexican, American

About: Chilies are judge based on Color and Heat. Both Heat and Color can be negatively affected by unfavorable environmental conditions and low-quality packaging materials. The average chili field is about 2.5 acres. Jan – Feb harvest March - April availability in the US. Most Chilies are air dried. Each Chili is de-stemmed by hand.